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Learn Modern Frameworks
+ WordPress.

Why the focus on WordPress?

It might not be the hottest new framework on the block, but WordPress dominates the web. Becoming a solid WordPress developer is a great way to break into the agency and freelance web development industry.

The latest versions of WordPress are heavily powered by React.js. If you embrace modern WordPress, you can learn and practice advanced javascript techniques in practical applications, while mastering the world’s most popular CMS.


WordPress Block

Master creating custom blocks for WordPress from scratch. Apply best practices and learn workflow tips for developing block starter kits for clients. 100% free to take.

“I just want to say that your Block Creator Course is the best on the web. So comprehensive, and up-to-date. I’m already pretty versed in custom blocks, yet I still learned quite a few new things about the process from your tutorial. Kudos, and THANK YOU!

— Lars Faye, Co-Founder Chee Studio

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