About Me

I’m a self-taught developer with a design & marketing background based in Chicago. 

I’ve worked in-house, as well as in an agency setting, developing unique and performant web experiences on a variety of platforms.

I love working with headless stacks and currently spend most of my time building with Next.js and a variety of content management systems like WordPress, Netlify CMS, or Strapi on the backend.

About Full Stack Digital

My goal with Full Stack Digital is to share some of the strategies and techniques I’ve found to be useful when creating web experiences for clients as with an agency or freelancer. 

Candidly, it’s also a resource for myself to reference when I inevitably forget how to do something.

I hope by learning in public with this site I can share some of my best discoveries and continue to build better projects for the web.

Consider signing up for my newsletter if you are interested learning development or working in an agency or freelance setting and would like to continue to hone your craft with other developers in a similar situation.

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