What I’m Reading

January 2024

Building Web Apps with WordPress

Building Web Apps with WordPress may have been published a few years ago – and might not have a ton of block editor focused content – but it is filled with advanced WordPress development tips from object-oriented custom post types, to practical security tips for hardening your sites.

It focuses on an imaginary web app for education that would have departments, faculty, students, and an assignment tracker. It is NOT a code-along and build the app kind of structure though. The author does a really nice job of staying high level and not getting lost in the implementation, so you can take the snippets he shares and apply the principles to any project you may have.

A large portion of it is dedicated to managing membership / Saas sites and how to set up robust user management and roles. A great reference if you are looking to push further into web app territory with WordPress or are looking to improve object-oriented skills.