Introducing Fullerton – Free Full Site Editing Enabled Block Theme for WordPress

For most agency / freelance development projects, I use a hybrid theme approach with a Theme.json file and custom blocks, but still use PHP for the core templates within the theme.

Recently, I’ve been looking at switching to completely block themes with full site editing. This is the direction of the future of WordPress, and provides some unique advantages:

  • Less CSS since Theme.json handles the styles
  • Congruency between front end and editor
  • More control for CMS users
  • Atomic approach lends itself to modern design systems

As an exploration into the possibilities of full site editing I am working on a couple free themes. Fullerton is the first of these I am releasing publicly.

About Fullerton

Fullerton is an experimental full site editing block theme that provides site builders with a modern toolkit of block patterns. It is suitable for modern software/product websites and has a clean approachable design.

This free theme is also a great starting point for those wanting to develop their own themes. It builds on Brian Gardner’s Frost starter theme. It includes a variety of strategies including template parts, a wide assortment of patterns, built-in sample images, fluid typography, light and dark styles, and more.

Below is a sample of some of the prebuilt patterns available in both light and dark mode:

I’ve also pre-loaded the theme with a few starter templates, so you can choose a template to start from rather than a blank page.

I plan to continue adding to these starter templates in the coming weeks:

Starter templates for full site editing enabled block theme for wordpress

If you are interested in experimenting more with full site editing WordPress theme development, this theme is a good reference point to build from. It features a variety of templates and patterns, but is not too complex to jump right into.

Full site editing themes rely heavily on the Theme.json file, so if you are new to working within this paradigm I have a crash course on the basics of working with the WordPress Theme.json file.

Get Fullerton Now

Interested to give this theme a try?

Drop your email below to receive a download with the full source files and feel free look through, use for a project, or repurpose as you see fit!

More Block Themes

I’ve recently released a block theme starter framework along with a couple of child themes, so if this theme isn’t quite what you’re looking for, take a look at this post about my new developer friendly Terre Starter Block Theme.

I’m currently working on a write up going through the full process of developing a block theme like this, so if you are interested in diving into block theme development consider signing up for my newsletter.